Welcome to my web site.

This site reflects my musical interests: composition, sound engineering, jazz improvisation, classical and acoustic pop music, dance music and teaching.

I'm a professional musician living in the San Francisco Bay Area, making my living as a piano and keyboard soloist, a member of several jazz and dance bands, an accompanist for singers and choirs, a teacher, a musical director for churches and theatrical productions, and the owner of my recording studio, J Dog Studio, in Sebastopol, California.

I have a deep interest in electronic music, in the relationship between technology and music. I got this techno bug from my father, Bill Simon, who designed circuits for some of the earliest computers at Univac in the 50's thru the 70's.

On this web site, listen to recordings of my original songs, performances of jazz and classical music, acoustic pop, live performances and electronica. Check out my studio by clicking on the link below!

There is also a calendar to keep you informed of my performances that are open to the public.


About Me

pictureI'm a professional "working" musician. My instrument is the piano and keyboards, including church organ. Styles include Jazz, Rock, Funk, Classical and everything in between!

J Dog Studio

pictureMy studio is a very comfortable, musical environment with four isolation booths. It has the capacity to record up to 16 simultaneous mic inputs. Featuring Logic Pro.

Instruction / Workshops

pictureLet's start at your current level and take it from there! Learn about jazz if you're a beginner, or take your more advanced skills to the next level. Improve your technique on the piano.